Invisible Grilles – Seamless Strength

Safety and security should never be compromised at any cost. V Space Designer Invisible Grill stands always a step ahead for Innovative solutions.

Are you tired of the traditional bulky grilles and looking for a grille to fit into the modern concept of interior design. Here is the solution from V Space Designer Invisible Grill. Invisible Grille is the perfect solution for a safer and secure house. The salient features of Invisible Grilles are upto the expectations of modern thinking.

316 stainless steel 2mm cable is capable of supporting tensile impact up to 400 kg. Our invisible grilles are safe for your children and pets, without obstructing your view!

The cable distance can be 2”,3”& 4” inches, installation can be vertical or horizontal.


Invisible Grilles which are commonly used in high-rise apartment, condominiums, and offices, are built with incredible elasticity and high tension to provide optimum safety and sturdiness.


Magnificient & Maintained

Change in living with luxury and high raised apartments is a new trend in people, but safety is the most important part to be considered for the same. For a stress free, safe and stylish living in such high rise apartments Invisible Grilles is the best solution. Invisible grilles which are commonly used in high-rise apartments, condominiums, and offices, are built with incredible elasticity and high tension to provide optimum safety and sturdiness.


Protected yet Unblocked

A place where safety levels of every patients and their family members visit is considered at highest priority. Invisible grilles are considered to the highest probability level for security in all aspects concerned, with unblocked panoramic view to look at the outer world.


Invincible yet Soft

Toddlers playing within the school premises should be provided with complete safety and assurance for their ultimate protection. Invisible grille is the best variable to control all the miss happenings and accidents due to various reasons while children move around.


Unobstructed & Cherished Panorama

Commercial spaces are grand and luxurious with large openings, variant design features and level differences. Irrespective of any such feature Invisible grilles make the space more safe and human friendly by providing ultimate protection and added elegance to the structure and not disrupting the external perspectives.


Grand & Magnificent

Hotel design involves refurbishment to the unique architecture of the structure to cater diverse interior options. Invisible grilles not only give a sophisticated look but also provide security with style to the building design. Invisible grilles in itself is an innovative and stylish product which when merged in the architectural design of the hotel, it gives the most safe and aesthetic look to the structure.


Sleek & Secure

Villas are independent designs which provide the lavish home with privacy, but it should always come with security. Invisible Grilles not only provide great texture to the interiors of the villa but also supports the safety features to accord security.


Our vision and endeavour has always been to create modern living and stylish environments and provide a better quality of life for people who inhabit them.

the combination of strength and sturdiness means they can take a whole lot of hits, tension and bending without getting damaged.

It has never failed to satisfy its customers with never ending good quality of work.